Forest Certification

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Fibre Sourcing Commitment

Greenmantle Forest Inc. (GFI) is committed to support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Fibre Sourcing requirements for facilities purchasing Crown wood harvested from the Lakehead Forest SFL.  stick nestIn addition to meeting the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s SFL and forest management requirements, GFI implements a comprehensive Sustainable Forest Management System (SFMS), and its forest operations are conducted by Qualified Logging Professionals (QLPs).

Mission and Vision Statement

  • The practice of sustainable forestry, which acknowledges the need to plan for current and future wood fibre requirements, while maintaining or enhancing associated non-timber values such as soil, air, water quality, carbon storage, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitats, recreation and aesthetics.
  • Maintaining the viability of the managed land base through conservation of soil productivity and protection of the forest from undesirable levels of wildfire, insect pests, pathogens, invasive plants and animals and other potentially damaging agents.marten
  • Protecting water bodies, watercourses and riparian zones through the application of the most current and relevant guidelines and best management practices.
  • Protecting and promoting biological diversity of animal and plant species through sensible forest management planning.
  • Working with the public to manage or mitigate potential effects of forest management activities on aesthetic values.
  • Working with the public to maintain or promote recreational opportunities when planning or conducting forest management activities.
  • Applying appropriate forest management practices when planning or operating in areas identified as having unique ecological, geological or cultural significance.
  • Meeting or exceeding all relevant local, provincial and federal legislation, regulations and policies, including those pertaining to the protection of the environment.
  • Forest 5Complying with social laws, such as those covering civil rights, equal employment opportunities, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment measures, workers’ compensation, indigenous peoples’ rights, workers’ and communities’ right to know, prevailing wages, workers’ right to organize, and occupational health and safety.
  • Supporting forest research and advances in sustainable forest management science and technology and incorporating them where applicable.
  • Delivering training and education that supports or improves the practice of sustainable forestry.
  • Ensuring forest management activities are planned and conducted in a manner which recognizes the interests and values associated with the public, First Nations and other stakeholders while facilitating their participation in the planning process.
  • Providing a safe working environment for all employees.