About Us

What does Greenmantle Forest Inc. do?

Greenmantle Forest Inc. has a highly experienced, full-time forest management team, including four Registered Professional Foresters. The team is responsible for the day-to-day business management of the Company, and for ensuring that it meets all its forest management obligations to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. These obligations include planning and oversight of all strategic and operational-level forest operations on managed Crown land.

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Greenmantle Forest Inc. facilitates the forest harvest licencing for its shareholders, and it provides oversight of their harvesting and forest road building operations. It conducts forest operations inspections and reports on all operations.

Approximately 3,000 hectares are harvested annually, Hogging operationdelivering on average 320,000 cubic metres of wood products to both small and large, local and regional mills and wood users.

Wood products delivered include: roundwood logs for lumber, pulp and paper, veneer, composite board and wood pellets; wood chips for pulp and paper; biofuels; and firewood.

Forest Renewal

Greenmantle Forest Inc. plans, coordinates and monitors all post-harvest forest regeneration and maintenance activities by silviculture contractors. Regeneration activities include: mechanical site preparation; growing and planting over one million tree seedlings per year; plantation tending; and forest surveys.



Forest Management Planning

Forest management operations are guided by an MNRF-approved Forest Management Plan. Each year, an Annual Work Schedule of forest management activities is prepared, which is also approved by the MNRF.

GFI is also responsible for preparing an Annual Report for all its completed activities, which is approved by the MNRF.

All planning and reporting is conducted as per the Crown Forest Sustainability Act and other Ontario forest policy direction, including the Forest Management Planning Manual for Ontario’s Crown Forests.