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Greenmantle Forest Inc. (GFI) is a small, professional forest management company that formed in 1997 and was granted the Sustainable Forest License (SFL) for the Lakehead Forest by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) in 1998. 

GFI has a cooperative structure of 31 small, local independent harvesting companies, including two local First Nations. Many of these companies have harvested timber for several decades on the former Fort William, Port Arthur and Nipigon Crown management units, under licence from the MNRF.

It is GFI’s responsibility to sustainably manage the Crown forested land on the Lakehead Forest on behalf of the MNRF and public of Ontario.


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About the Lakehead Forest

The Lakehead Forest is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s (MNRF) administrative forest management unit that surrounds the City of Thunder Bay. As per its namesake, it spans the head of Lake of Superior. The Lakehead Forest covers an area of approximately 767 square kilometres; of which approximately 355 square kilometres is Crown forested land managed by Greenmantle Forest Inc. The remaining area is comprised of private land, First Nation Reserves, provincial parks, protected areas and lakes.

The forest encompasses all Crown managed land from the eastern boundary of Quetico Provincial Park to a point just east of the Town of Nipigon. It is bounded on the north side by three other forest management units – the Dog-River Matawin Forest, the Black Spruce Forest and the Lake Nipigon Forest. It is bounded to the south by the International Boundary and Lake Superior. The Lakehead Forest was created by the MNRF in 1998 through the amalgamation of the three former, and much smaller, Fort William, Port Arthur and Nipigon Crown management units.

Map of the Lakehead Forest

Below is a map of the Lakehead Forest boundaries. To view a larger version, please click here or on the map.

Lakehead Forest Map. Click for PDF